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Why choose Tanaka Power Equipment?

Tanaka Power Equipment has the complete solution to your Outdoor needs with a Range of Chain Saws, Hedge Cutters, Brush Cutters and Blowers designed for the home and professional user. Tanaka has established a reputation for building high quality, innovative and reliable products with over 80 years of engineering experience.

Tanaka Outdoor power equipment is designed with the user at the core of its decision making, with Smooth starting engines our S-start requires less than 50% pulling force, and our new PureFire engine delivers 70% lower emissions and up to 30% less fuel consumption making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Tanaka’s Quick-Twist system enables 180 degree, 5 position handle adjustment on our Double Sided Hedge Cutter range to give the operator more control when shaping and making vertical cuts.


Tanaka Industry Leading Features 

E-ALD (Engine-Analysis Leads Design) and Quality Control

By using a leading-edge technology via computer analysis called E-ALD (Engine-Analysis Leads Design), Tanaka is developing Outdoor Power Equipment designed to take maximum advantage of engine performance. It also has a stringent quality control programme, and its products are without exception subject to rigid inspections and tests at each stage of processing. Parts are scrutinised for flaws by expert inspectors. Components are thoroughly tested at assembly lines to ensure optimum performance, and each finished product is carefully examined to assure its standard quality.

Pure Fire


Introducing a new generation of engines.

PureFire series achieve lower emissions and lower fuel consumption, moreover less Co 2 emissions compared with our traditional engine products. They are environmentally friendly and healthy, suitable for prolonged use!!

Quick Twist Handle

Quick Twist Handle

Angle adjustable handle

The angle adjustable handle uses a simple lock button to stop at both 0,45, and 90 degrees left and right. This allows for easy vertical trimming suitable for both left and right hand users.

S Start


Less 30-50% pulling force required.

S-start is ideal for those who like to have Soft and Smooth engine starting. It is suitable for professional users too, who can save time and energy from reduced effort.


Built-in Decompressor.

Easy start with less force required.


Low Vibration

Low vibration Brush Cutters allow operators use Tanaka Brush Cutters for longer